Last updated Sunday, September 25, 2016

high school story hack tool

High School Story Hack Tool Updated for gaming in 2016.

You have been voted class President – a title you never thought you’d have and one you didn’t seek out. How you ended up as the go-to guy for your high school class is beyond you! But, now that you are, you want to do more than a good job – you want to do a great job.

The first thing you put on your agenda is to make your school so much more fun that every student in the state will be begging to attend your school. You start by adding places around the school grounds for the kids to just hang together without a teacher keeping tabs on you.

You decide a school party or a dance would help get spirits up and you assign one of your friends – the goofiest one in the bunch, of course – to act as the coordinator. Instead, her first task was waylaid by a date with the geek she thought was the “it” guy in class and you haven’t seen her since. Now, the arrangements are all back on you.

You take a survey of kids going to the nearest competitor school and find out one of the reasons that their parents have them going to that one is because they have great SAT prep programs and their parents can’t wait to ship them off to college. So, you start a program where all the kids that join your school start learning more about vocabulary since your mom has harped on the fact that none of the SAT questions include sentences with words like “yo’” or “fly” or “like really”.

Your school is getting bigger and better and more fun filled every day. You have a lot to be proud of and your class is bragging to everyone about the great job you’re doing as President.

Then, it happens! You go to upgrade one of buildings and wouldn’t you just know it? You don’t have enough coins or rings to do it!

Scoop! You need more coins and rings when the premium quests arrive! And, worse, they want you to pay for it – with real money!

Getting Unlimited High School Story Resources Has never been easier!

More about High School Story resources:

Coins  Of all the resources, coins are the most useful and the most often rewarded in game. Of course, there is never enough awarded to move the game forward. AND, some things cannot be purchased with coins – such as rings! Spend coins on buildings, events, decorations, classmates and books.

Rings Very hard to win and rarely awarded but the most essential resource needed to upgrade your character, buildings and to open premium quests.

Books Just as in real school, you need to get smarter to get promoted to the next level. The only way to get students to level-up is to sit them down with a good book as often as possible. The only place to get books are in classrooms and you have to buy them with those coins that are needed for so many things.

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Highschool Story generator features:

Unlimited coins

Unlimited rings

Unlimited books

User friendly interface

Free from viruses

Compatible with all Operational Systems

Online generator

high school-story-hack-tool




1. Press on Hack it Now
2. Wait until hack will initialize
3. Enter your username/email
4. Enter the resources you want to get
5. Activate the hack



If High school Story Hack  Tool Cheats  did not work first time you tried it, – we highly recommend you to clean the history of your browser, as well as cache, or even using incognito mode of your browser to avoid any kind of interruptions.

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