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NOT FOR THOSE UNDER 18! Should be plastered on the first page of this social site. Several young people have complained about being chatted up by older players, suggesting real-life sexual encounters and all players should know this is nothing unusual on the web. That said, as long as you’re an adult, you have the right to chat about anything you wish – more or less.

IMVU may have been the first online dating site before such sites existed but, the true purpose of IMVU is to inspire your creativity in a virtual space and experience various events through chatting with online friends.

Creating your own 3D avatar is one way to lose weight, be more glamorous or take on the image of the geek-hunk you want to be!

If you play IMVU, then you already know how difficult it is to explain to someone who has never entered the realm of an instant messaging virtual universe. It’s even more difficult to explain that it is not actually a “game” in the same way that term is traditionally used.

It’s more like a social site for creative minds who want to make “online” friends, design or create rooms, clothes, experiences while getting feedback from those friends in IM.

Scoop! As a VIP member with an Access Pass, you can even become a “developer”—enabling you to earn “developer credits” to spend in other areas of IMVU. Developers are people who design items and rooms and sell them in the IMVU catalog: IMVU pays them a percentage of the proceeds for each item purchased.

However, becoming a VIP member is at a minimum $9.99 a month in real money. The Access Pass is an additional $19.99 minimum for each one you purchase.

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More about IMVU resources:

Credits  There is only one form of currency in IMVU – “credits”. Credits are purchased through the in-game store, ranging from $10.00 (for 10,000 credits) to $29.95 (for 30,000 credits).

With these credits, you can then purchase clothes, rooms, furnishings, accessories, pets – there are over 10,000 new items created every day!

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